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Once a modest settlement in what is today´s vast marketplace, the city founded by Ezra Archibald Everett, has flourished into the modern and pioneering city we all know and cherish. Since then five recognizable districts have emerged: Old Town, New Town, Financial District, Trade District and Harbour District.

Today Sentinel City has grown into one of the most visited and well-regarded cities around.



Visit this most charming part of the city and gaze upon hundreds of years of architectural achievements. The remaining ruins let you discover what life used to be centurys ago in what would utimately become today´s Sentinel City.

Also to be found here is the Town Hall, the famous Everett Square and it´s multitude of restaurants, pubs and night clubs.

The New Town district is the largest district in Sentinel City and is separated from the Old Town by the recently restored Sunrise Boulevard. In here you will also find the headquarters of Sentinel City´s most famous clothing company.

Located in the northeast of the New Town, the world-renowned Financial District is known for its modern and daring architecture. An example of this excelling craftmanship would be the Sentinel Tower or the Owl Tower.

The Trade District has been the centre for trading and selling for as long as people have been living in Sentinel City. Its location close to the harbour has made it an ideal and strategically valuable place for marine trades. The Legacy Road and the Silk Street invite you to a unique shopping experience in their one of a kind shops.

The harbour district, which is also where you´ll find the famous Owl Watch Lighthouse, has been the source to the city´s financial and economic growth. Being home to most sailors the district offers a wide array of pubs and restaurants specialized in seafood, from which the most well-known is probably Old Miller´s Choice, named after Sentinel City´s most iconic sailor to date.

Well visited for its white beaches and crystal clear water, the Sentinel Bay offers an ideal summer destination for families and sport addicts. Visit the bay every year during summer and dive into the excitement procured by the annual Sentinel Bay Surf Festival.

The city has invested a significant amount of financial and human ressources to secure the environmental stabilty around the city. The duty of the well-respected forest rangers is to make sure that the Lake Everett, the Sentinel Fields, the Whitehill Forest and the Everett National Park remain untouched and well-preserved.

With its eternal snowy and beautiful icy landscapes, this most magical area of Sentinel City is home to its most beloved citizen, Santa Claus himself. Here, visitors all around the world can practice their sliding skills all year long. If you ever get the chance, definitely stop by Santa´s restaurant: Santa´s Oven.

The Sentinel Hill, the tallest mountain around the city was the ideal spot for the radio tower and the legendary letters spelling out the mountain´s name which can be seen from nearly every place in Old Town. In order to get to the Sentinel Hill, you will have to drive through the breathtaking and inspiring Evergreen National Park.